Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009...

I can’t believe the long weekend is over :( It was so restful, and so relaxing, and we had so much fun!

The holiday started off with a short-notice viewing of the Rockette’s Christmas Show. My mom had wanted to go, so she took my sister, Kylie and I to the late afternoon show. Afterwards we all went to a very nice dinner out (Kylie didn’t understand why there were no kids menus).

After dinner we went home and hung out with the boys. The big thing that happened was that Ryan actually took a couple steps! He still has no interest in walking, but when he really wants something (like to come and see me), he’ll take some steps! Then the kids started up the movie Bedtime Stories, and part way through it my other sister arrived from Michigan. We went over the plans for the next day and all went to bed.

Thursday we woke up bright and early (I feel old, because just a few years ago, before kids, I had trouble dragging myself out of bed before the parade ended, and here I was up way before the thing even started!

I went downstairs and started making the traditional sticky buns, along with our new addition of homemade cinnamon rolls. Both of them turned out fantastic! We had enough leftovers that I’ve been bring the cinnamon rolls to work for breakfast, which has been an awesome treat.

We watched the parade and just lounged around, which felt so good! Around 12:30 we started making the food…first the appetizers which were going to be our lunch, and then the main dinner items. John got the garage all set up to fry the turkey and watch football. We were finally all ready to eat around 5:00, but no one was hungry! Seriously, all of the food was laid out on the island and no one wanted to eat. So a couple of us headed over to Michael’s because they had their cricut cartridges on sale. When we got back we all sat down and ate our wonderful dinner. After dinner we played Taboo, and it was neat because Kylie actually got to play a little – we had her on both teams and didn’t count her points, but I was so surprised at how well she did!

Friday we got up bright and early and headed down to John’s parents’. They were all going to the OU game, which started at 11:00. John’s sister, Kylie and Ryan and I wanted nothing to do with sitting out in the snow to watch a football game, so we stayed back at the house. John’s sister took Kylie to see a movie, and Ryan and I took a nap :) After the game we hung out for a little bit and then headed out to dinner. It was another great family dinner, only this time with pizza :) When we got back home, Ryan went to bed and Kylie and Joshie went over to my parents’ house (I think my dad was having withdrawal not seeing them for a whole day!), so John and I got to watch some TV and hang out together.

Saturday was another lazy day! I didn’t go anywhere, and we got to play with the kids a ton! That night my other sister came over, we got some Chinese, and watched the CBJ game and Night at The Museum 2.

Sunday was church, and then more playing and relaxing. We also went and bought our Christmas tree – we finally found an artificial one that we liked. So after my sister left to go back to Michigan, we got the house decorated. We only have a tiny little bit left to do, which is very different from the past years…usually it takes us forever to get everything decorated, but this year seemed so simple.

So that was Thanksgiving weekend 2009. I actually didn’t take too many pictures, which is strange, but I definitely had a great weekend, and I can’t wait until Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great Holiday.

That is a perfect tree! I always do artificial as I'm allergic to the real ones. Our current tree is a perfect tree, also, but I'm 99% sure this will the last Christmas we use it. It's going on 6 years old and becoming more and more brittle.

Where did you get your's?

Grateful Twin Mom said...

Your tree is so pretty. Glad you enjoyed your time with your family. Love those baby first steps.

Sherry said...

Oh I love your tree, it's just beautiful.
Sounds like you had the perfect holiday week-end, family, food and fun, that's awesome.
Ryan taking steps, wow, seems like yesterday he was a tiny infant doesn't it?? Love each and every picture too, awesome..
So glad you had all that quality time, now get in gear and head out to shop til you drop!!! :) Ho ho ho, won't be long now!!