Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Good Night With Friends, Sick Baby...

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What an evening…

Poor Ryan woke up sick yesterday morning. He was completely fine the day and night before, but woke up all congested and was just miserable and clingy the whole day. Thankfully, we as a family don’t get sick very often, so I really have nothing to complain about. But it’s still so hard when a baby is sick…it’s so hard to comfort him because he doesn’t watch TV, no matter how hard I try, and he just wants you to hold him, while standing up. Last night he was up from 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM again, only this time he was happy and playing in his crib from 2 - 3 (and constantly saying "dadda! Daaaadddddaaa!") and then whined himself to sleep from 3 - 4.

On a brighter side, our neighbors came over for dinner last night, and that was a ton of fun! With it being so cold outside, we never see them, and that’s hard to adjust to when we were used to seeing them every day during the summer. So the kids all played in the basement while the adults got to catch up. And Ryan even took a little nap, which made him feel a little better.

While discussing with my neighbor the next 2 ½ weeks leading up to Christmas, I started to stress again…I just hate how much there is to do! I still have to finish shopping, I have to wrap all of the presents, I have to get the Christmas cards out, I have to make more Christmas cookies, and we have a number of gatherings before Christmas where I need to make food or get a present ready. And it doesn’t help that I think I have the same cold as Ryan…I have had constant headaches and just don’t feel well.

I know I will get everything done…I just really hope to get it all done before Christmas Eve!


Sherry said...

I hope Ryan if feeling better now and that you are too. I agree it's so hard when a baby is sick, they just want to snuggle w/ mommie and daddy!!!
Deb, don't stress, I know you will have everything done but yeah I know the feeling. The other day I felt so over whelmed then I talked myself out of that feeling. I decided to stop, the slowly prioritze what I had to do, woke up the next day and hit that list. It's coming together, still have a ways to go, but I know come Dec 24th late at night, all will be done!! If I was closer we could bake together, double up and conquer it, so we can at least encourage and root each other on this way, right???
Have a great day, hope you aren't getting sick, and remember "smile" all it good!!!

Kim3278 said...

You will work it all out. You always do. I think of you as super woman..with a smile. You can do it..and don't forget to ask for help if you need to!! How is your etching going? I don't have anything to etch..but if you need help. I will help you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ryan :( Hope he's feeling better!!

You can get it all done. You're freakin' Super Mom, my friend. I totally want to be you when I get big.

Oh. Crap. I'm older than you.

Feel better!

Sherry said...

You haven't posted, hope all is well. How is Ryan feeling? Better I hope. I am going to assume you are "busy" cause if I think about it, I could think the worse and don't want to do that!!! I do miss your postings each day!!