Friday, April 19, 2013

Catch-Up :)

Holy cow…where has the time gone?  Every day I tell myself that I’m going to write a post about the cool things we did the night before, and then before I know it, the week has flown by!

Two weeks ago Ryan and Josh had their first football game, and then they had another one this past Sunday.  Both times the weather was decent (a little chilly for me, but sunny and no coats!).  They both did fantastic!  This past Sunday Ryan caught a pass, pulled a flag and threw a touchdown pass!  He was on fire!

Last week, I was able to take Josh and Ryan to a CBJ season ticket holder appreciation event.  The girl I work with has season tickets to the Blue Jackets and wondered if I would want to bring the boys, and of course, I jumped right on it!  We had so much fun!  I swear it was the fastest three hours!  We got a bunch of autographs (got the ones the boys said they “had to have”).  They also got to go out on the ice and shoot pucks at a goal and play air hockey on the giant air hockey table.  Definitely a super fun night!

That following Saturday I headed to Cincinnati with my mom and sister to pick up her wedding dress.  We made a stop at the outlets and I got some cute clothes – it is so weird shopping by myself…I kept turning around looking for my kids :)

When we got to Cincinnati, one of my sister’s other bridesmaids and I went into the cupcake shop and had a cupcake while we waited for everyone else.  Then we went over to the bridal shop and she put her dress on and it was gorgeous!  The dress looks so beautiful and she looks so beautiful in it!

After we were done at the bridal shop, we headed to dinner.  The restaurant that she picked had a really nice atmosphere and the food was really good!  Then we packed up the car and headed back to Columbus.

This past Tuesday was a big day for Ryan – Kindergarten screening!!  I just can’t believe he’s going to school next year!  I brought him home from the hospital just weeks after Kylie had started Kindergarten :)  When it was time to leave, we headed out the door and Ryan practically ran the whole way to the school.  When we got there, he got his little bus name tag and walked around to all the different stations while I filled out all the forms.  He did very well on everything!  He was one excited kid walking back home afterwards :)

That night, we had Josh’s wax museum presentation.  The 2nd graders do a research project on an individual and then “perform” for the parents in a wax museum setting.  We walked around pushing the buttons of all the kids and listening to their presentation of facts.  I was super proud of Josh because most kids read note cards and he had his whole thing memorized!  He did a fantastic job!

So a pretty busy last couple of weeks!  And it’s only going to get busier as baseball for Josh is about to start up!  Thankfully, Kylie only has one more gymnastics meet, so we won’t have to worry about weekend traveling until next December :)  

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