Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An April Weekend...

Another weekend came and went (and another week is coming and going as we speak…why does it have to go so quickly??).  Friday night was the school’s skate night at the nearby ice rink.  So after racing home from a late night at work, I sent Colton over to my parents, and John and I took Ryan and Josh over to the ice rink (Ky was at gymnastics).  We only ended up getting to skate for about ½ hour, but it really was the perfect amount of time :)  Josh kept falling (but he insisted on skating by himself), and Ryan was killing our arms and backs after a while :)  After that we went and picked up Kylie from gymnastics and then went home and ate and relaxed.

Saturday was a crazy day, as usual.  We decided instead of making our usual big breakfast, we would go out to visit the “new” ihop.  So we picked up the girl that we were taking to gymnastics and headed over there.  We only had about an hour and a half until the girls had to be at practice, and unfortunately, there was a long line at ihop :(  So we headed over to Bob Evans – specifically the one closer to the gym.  We got seated right away (surprising with a party of 7) and put our order in right away.  About 35 minutes later a manager comes over and explains to us that there was a back-up in the kitchen and a ticket was lost and they were trying to hurry to get us our food.  I explained to him that we needed to leave in five minutes in order to get the girls to practice on time.  Our food came out about five minutes later and the kids all scarfed it down.  Outside of being stressed about the time, the breakfast was extremely enjoyable!  The manager then came over and told us that when we were done, we could just leave; he was taking care of the check.  We were shocked!  John and I explained that he didn’t need to do that, but he insisted that it was their fault that we were so late and he needed to take care of it.  Let me tell you, that left a huge impression on me about that particular Bob Evans!  And the girls only ended up being about 5 minutes late to practice (although if you asked Kylie, that’s the same as being an hour late, ugh!).

After we dropped the girls off, we headed home so that John could take the boys to football practice and I headed out with Colton to do the grocery shopping.  We had a great time!  At least until I ran into another gym mom and spent what Colton thought was too much time talking.  I finally ran out of things to distract him, so we wrapped our conversation up and finished the shopping.  After that we headed over to pick Ryan up from football practice so that he wouldn’t have to stay there the whole next 1 ½ hours for Josh’s practice.  Then it was home for lunch and naps.

I spent the rest of the day doing miscellaneous stuff around the house like laundry, and then I ran to the store to get the ingredients for the family-voted chimichangas.  We had a great dinner and then everyone relaxed and then went to bed.

Sunday was the usual church and football :)  It was chilly out, that’s for sure, but it was sunny and did get progressively warmer as the games went on.  After the games (Ryan had an awesome flag pull and a great catch and Josh had a bunch of flag pulls and scored), we went home and the two little boys napped while John and I went out and sat with the neighbors, which we haven’t gotten to do in a while.  It was so nice that all of a sudden it was 5:30 and we had to go in and get ready for some friends that were coming over.

I went in and whipped up the cookies I had started baking before we went outside and we ordered the pizza.  Our friends, who is also the children’s pastor at church, arrived and scarfed down their dinner and headed out to play.  Us adults started talking about and planning our VBS for this summer.  It was really exciting starting to think about all of this already :)  We talked for a while, and then it was time for them to leave and us to get the kiddos into bed.  And then John and I collapsed into bed…again :)

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