Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Seeing Santa...

This past weekend was the annual trip to see Santa :) And it was also a time for me to realize that even when I think I can predict reactions…I can’t.

The weather was so nice on Saturday (in the 50s!). We started the activities with taking Josh, Kylie and Rachel to basketball. I took Ryan with me, and my dad stayed home with Colton. The kids both loved basketball!

After that we went home for naps and just hung out for a while. The kids finished up their letters to Santa and around 4:30 we headed over to Holidays in Powell (John was already there because working). We waited in a long line for Santa (very unusual…never waited that long before, but since it was so nice out, everyone waited to come until the end). I figured that obviously Josh and Kylie would be fine with Santa, Ryan would be fine because he was fine last year, and I thought Colton would cry (which I love because you always have to have the crying-Santa picture!). As we were in line, Ryan starts saying that he doesn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap. What??? I told him that if he didn’t, then Santa wouldn’t know what he wanted for Christmas and he wouldn’t get any toys (harsh I know, but I was trying to take 4 kids to see Santa without the help of John and I was frustrated and tired). We get up to Santa (after a very nice talk with Mrs. Clause) and Josh and Kylie do their thing. Then Ryan starts crying…ugghhh… Luckily John (who was able to come over and help at this point) was able to get him on Santa’s lap and even tell him what he wanted. And then Colton’s turn…he just looked at Santa, trying to figure out what this crazy site was…no tears whatsoever! I was so disappointed! Oh well, maybe next year :)

After we saw Santa, we went into the other room and the kids did some crafts and then we followed Santa out for the tree lighting. We’ve never seen this before because it’s usually cold or we’re not there at the end, but it was really nice outside!

I say it every year, but this year I mean it (we’ll see) – no more Holidays in Powell! It’s just too hard for me to take the kids by myself and navigate the crazy craft tables…all for things that we just throw away! I always want to shoot myself at the end of the day and this time was no exception. But the kids had a lot of fun…and I guess that is what matters…(although mom’s sanity should count for something).

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Sherry said...

You got the BEST pictures I love them and that last one PERFECT. Haha Colton may not be crying but his expression is priceless , it's like you said, he must be thinking "Who is this person"
And got news for you haha you will be back there next year because at this time of year, trust me there is not sanity for mommy's and daddy's or even grandparents!!! We weill survive!!! tee hee