Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crazy Week...

This has been a crazy week, but what else would I expect for the week before Christmas? :)

I worked a full day Monday, worked Tuesday but left at 2:30 to go to the kids’ Christmas parties at school, I took off Wednesday, and then I’m working a full day Thursday and then off until January 3rd. Crazy!

So Tuesday John and I went to the kids’ Christmas parties at school. The parking lot was insanely packed, so I parked in our neighborhood and walked over (normally I would have walked no matter what, but my leg is still sore). So John and I were a little late :( We started in Josh’s classroom because he is still so happy to see us and wants us to be at everything. After about 7 minutes we headed over to Kylie’s class. Kylie is at that age where inside she wants us there, but on the outside, she acts like it’s no big deal if we’re there or not. We talked with her a little bit and watched her make her ornament and then we headed back to Josh’s class. He finished up and we got him packed up and then we finished the time out at Ky’s classroom.

When we got home we all just hung out and relaxed. My dad came over as soon as he got up here (he’s here for a while now since all of his students are on break) and we chatted for a while. Ky, Josh and Ryan spent the night with my parents and after we put Colton to bed John and I spent a while wrapping presents.

On Wednesday Colton let me sleep in! He didn’t wake me up until 9:00 AM and boy, I needed that sleep! While he was eating breakfast I started making some cookie doughs that had to be refrigerated. The kids slowly started coming back over and we spent the morning baking, playing and chasing after Colton! He was such a pistol yesterday as he was into EVERYTHING! He really didn’t want anything to do with any of his toys…he just wanted papers, poinsettia plants and the remote. It was exhausting! The worst part was that my leg was pretty sore, so I would try to rest it, but I just couldn’t trust that little booger so not much rest was had.

The bad part to yesterday was that Kylie got a horrible stomach ache in the early afternoon. It was so painful for her and she would cry in pain every so often. The stomach ache ended up lasting the whole day and finally after throwing up once in the middle of the night, she felt a ton better. And thankfully she’s old enough to know when she’s going to be sick, so there was nothing for me to clean up :)

So last day of work today and then a whole bunch of time off with the kiddos! I have all my shopping done and wrapping started, so I’m feeling pretty good right now :)

Oh, and the best line of the season so far:

I got the kids’ presents wrapped and put under the tree yesterday, so when Ryan woke up from his nap, he was so excited to see presents! When my dad came back from shopping, he told Ryan that he had gotten him some presents and Ryan replied “Can you buy us some more presents because we don’t have so much.” What an adorable, honest child :)


Sherry said...

well to me the word "busy" is an understatement in your life haha. You have been on the go, yet still so organized, how I admire that in you. Me no little ones to chase after ( haha Colton slept too long and that's why he was so active) and I a still trying to get everything organized and ready!!
Glad you have time off now, hopefully you can rest your leg and the pain and soreness will subside. Poor Kylie, glad her stomach ache is gone now. Everyone stay healthy and have a vey Merry Christmaas!!!!

Kellie said...

Enjoy your time off! You look FANTASTIC!!