Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween 2008

What a day!

I started Halloween day out working in the morning, so that was very stressful. Luckily I finished just in time to take Kylie to school. So I got her dressed up in her costume and off we went! Our trip was sidetracked to the nurse’s office when we noticed that Kylie’s ankle was bleeding because her new purple sparkly shoes were hurting her ankles (even though she assured me 100 times at the store that they DID NOT HURT).

When Josh and Ryan and I got back, I got ready for Kylie’s Halloween party while Josh took a nap. After his nap we headed over to Kylie’s class and watched as the kids made pumpkins. Josh got to make one too which I thought was really nice. John and my dad ended up coming over at that time, so Kylie had a lot of family there! After she was done with her craft they got to eat some cool Halloween food and then play a game. After that we got to take Kylie home early.

Once we got home I got right to work making Chicken and Noodles for our court party. Every year the neighbors on the court have a potluck where we all bring food out and hang out together with our candy in front of us. I really look forward to it every year. I got a little down when our one neighbor called and said the kids had strep throat…but thankfully they were still allowed to trick-or-treat, they just had to keep their distance from the other kids (that didn’t happen, but thankfully my kids did not get sick!).

We got the kids back into their costumes and headed out. We ate some food and then got ready to go trick-or-treating. The sad thing about this year was that our good friends were not there since they have moved. Luckily we got to see them the weekend before, but it still wasn’t the same without them.

We all headed out trick-or-treating together as a court while my mom stayed back with Ryan (who was not dressed up because I couldn’t find Josh’s first Halloween costume and it didn’t matter anyway…he slept through the whole night!).

We were out for about an hour and a half and the kids had a blast! There were 6 of them in total that were going out together. When we got back the adults sat around the fire while the kids played. Then we rounded them up for baths and they went over with my dad to his house to go to bed. The rest of us hung out around the fire for a while until it was too cold for my mom and Ryan and I. We went inside and snuggled on the couch.

It was a great Halloween night!

Then Saturday night John and I went to a 80’s Halloween party at his sister’s house. Can you guess who we were dressed as???


Dan said...

Very cute, Ms. Pac Man!

Anonymous said...

I guess you can't help but have such gorgeous kids when the two of you are so darn beautiful!!!

radioactive girl said...

I am so happy you got out to do grown up stuff too! How fun!

Your kids are beautiful!

We do the same kind of neighbor thing except we have to go towards the front of the neighborhood because the back, where we live, seems to be filled with people who don't want to celebrate Halloween. We had a blast and the nice weather helped a lot!

Sherry said...

Sounds like your Halloween was busy but tons of fun. I like the idea of your pot luck then all the kids trick or treating together, that's awesome.
Love all the costumes and you and hubby looked adorable too!!
Great pics and a great blog!!

Julie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Love the costumes - all of yours! : )

Rachel said...

Sounds like a great Halloween weekend. I love the kids' costumes! I'm glad dan got the answer because I never would have guessed that. Great idea!!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are seriously too cute!! But, then again--look at what their parents look like :)

You look fantastic!!

Amy W said...

Ashley was not allowed to dress up at school...glad Kylie was!

Anonymous said...

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