Monday, October 13, 2008

A Fun Wedding Weekend!

I’m doing much, much better…thank you to all of you and your kind words.

This past weekend we headed to Rochester, NY for the 8th of my 9 cousins’ weddings. What was supposed to be a six hour trip took us 7 ½ hours to get there and about 10 to come home :) But we “enjoyed the journey,” which is all that matters!

The kids had a blast staying in the hotel and I really enjoyed seeing all of my family. The wedding was Saturday afternoon, and then we all headed over to my aunt’s house for a few hours until the reception started. She had wonderful snacks, football, and great family…it was the perfect afternoon!

For the reception, my aunt had gotten us a babysitter for Kylie and Josh (we took Ryan to the reception with us). We had a great time…it was very relaxed and we got to spend a lot of time with my aunts, uncles and cousins.

Afterwards we went to pick up Kylie and Josh. My aunt had already gone back home and the babysitter was getting ready to leave. I paid her and she went on her way. My aunt came up to me and asked if I had paid her and when I told her I had she was horrified because she had paid her too! This girl, who had done nothing but talk about church and her missionary work earlier, took money from both of us! I tried giving her the benefit of the doubt…thinking she would come back the next day and give one of us our money back, but she didn’t. I felt really bad for my aunt because she shouldn’t have paid her to begin with!

The next morning we went back over to my aunt’s house and hung out some more. My uncle took the kids down to the farm to see the animals and the rest of us just relaxed. We headed out around 1:30 PM and pulled into our driveway around 11:30 :) It sure is annoying traveling with a newborn that cries every couple of hours! But like I said, we did it without killing each other and John and I actually had a good time.

Hopefully the fun and good times of the weekend last me throughout the week as I get back into trying to find a routine…and a place for Ryan to sleep where the other kids won’t wake him up!


Sherry said...

Sounds like the week-end is just what you needed. Lots of family and good times. The baby sitter, OMG, how dare her huh? Well she is the one that has to live with the fact that she took money from both you and your aunt!!!!! Hopefully it will haunt her too!!
I bet the kids loved seeing the farm animals, huh? :)
Glad you made the drive w/ no problems and you and hubby are still speaking to each other!! :)

Anonymous said...

She took money from BOTH of you and didn't try to return it to EITHER of you?! WHAT?!

Glad you had a good trip--3 hours in the car with a newborn is enough for me, let alone 10!!


Michele_3 said...

Congratulations Girlfriend!
He is so beautiful! Love the name too! I love the pictures as well,Your family is very beautiful!

Sorry been distant, going through a bunch of medical testing right now,
Unfortunately looks like I'll be needing a biopsy soon-Not fun times!
I will share more as I know- Lots going on!
Ryan is beautiful, Great blessings to you and your family!
Take Care

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a great time - and damn, you're a brave one! 10 hours in the car with a newborn!!! I would have just sent the wedding couple a cheque & a nice card.

Oh wait... I did just that when Michael was born. And it was only a 5 hour drive!

Rachel said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that things are better with you!! Good luck on that finding a good place for Ryan to sleep thing :)

I cannot believe she took money from both of you!!!!! I would never have done that when I was a babysitter!!

Sounds like, overall, it was a good weekend for you guys.

Anonymous said...

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