Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Today is my birthday. It's too bad that I'm so busy at work I had to tell them to push back my cake until tomorrow :( But I will keep with my long standing tradition of having lunch with a good friend today, so that is definitely something to look forward to!

I'm now in my last year of my 20's. It's really depressing. I've never been one to really think about age, but as this pregnancy has progressed, I have really noticed a difference between being pregnant in my late 20's vs. my early 20's. So I know my body is slowing down a little. Depressing.

I'm not sure what the plan is...I know I'll do something with my family tonight (I'm NOT bringing home work for the first time this week). We are going to Michigan this weekend to see my sister, so I'm sure I'll celebrate a little with her. And as for the rest of my family...I have no idea...probably next weekend???

OK...back to work I go. I just wanted to announce to the whole world that it's my birthday, because birthdays are a big deal to's my special day (even if my reward is working on a 10-Q :) ).


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)

Have a great weekend!!

Our Moments said...

Happy Birthday!

It's hard crossing over from your 20s into your 30s... but once you do it, it's not so bad. :)

Daddy Dan said...

Happy Birthday, Debbie! I hope you have a great one.

Jillian, Inc. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day and celebrate big. (PS - Try having a baby when you're almost 40! Talk about things slowing down....) hee-hee

Sherry said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hey age is just a a number, remember that okay??!! You have your children to keep you young, plus think, everyone goes up in "numbers" but not everyone has what you have to stay young.
Tee hee some of "us" AGE and some just get a higher number. Me I choose the #'s gig, me old?? Ummm not just a young 56 yr old :)
Have a fantastic lunch, cake tomorrow and a fantastic weekend!!!

Rachel said...

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You and I are just 26 days apart in age. However, you are 26 days older than me!!

I hope you have a great birthday and a fun weekend!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday! I am starting to near the end of my 20's too and really not looking forward to it either, but what can you do but celebrate I guess! Hope today is wonderful!

radioactive girl said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a fabulous day, and are having a terrific weekend!

And not to worry, except for a few more lines around my eyes, the thirties haven't been so horrible!!