Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Ryan!

Dear Ry-Ry,
Wow, 5 already???  I can't believe that you are so big, and yet, at times (ok, most times), I can't believe you're only this old.  I very often forget that you have only been four, and that you're now only act so much older and when you actually act like your age, I have to catch myself from correcting you.

You are such a sweet little boy...I am told that by everyone that watches you :)  Your blonde hair and big blue eyes just capture anyone that you talk to.

This past year I have watched you grow up so want to do everything that Josh does.  The main thing I have watched you grow in is baseball.  At age four I was able to go out and play catch with you using a hard baseball (not even a t-ball!) - you love baseball, but because your birthday is so late, you can't play t-ball until next summer :(  But that didn't stop you from playing outside with Pappaw or me or Josh all summer long.  We were able to find an indoor t-ball league for you to play for in November :)

When I tuck you in at night it's always a production.  First you have to get a drink, and then I have to re-put all the covers back on you, and then as I'm leaving I hear "oh Mommy, tell Daddy to come up" and then "oh and Mommy, will you come to my football game tomorrow?" and then "oh Mommy, do you know who is playing at my football game tomorrow?" until I finally have to cut you off!  But I love it :)

We knew we were starting you in Kindergarten this year, and you're the only one that I have ever been worried about when making that were so young!  You were four years-old for five weeks of school!  But since day one I have never regretted our decision.  You are making friends, and you are sounding words out and writing like a champ!  I am so proud of you!  You love having me come to lunch with you and I'm so glad that I can do that since I wasn't able to with Josh and Kylie when they were in Kindergarten.

For fun you like to play baseball and football and hockey, swing on the swing set, jump on the trampoline, ride your bikes, play cars and play legos.  Everyday you like to dress like a certain team from head to toe - so often you will come down in either your Bobcats jersey, Bobcats shorts and Bobcats socks, or your Bears shirt, Bears shorts and Bears socks.  You are following in Josh's footsteps (early unfortunately) by not liking to wear anything except t-shirts and athletic shorts (you especially hate shirts with buttons and khaki shorts!). You have already asked (and I said "no" very quickly) if you could wear shorts all year like Joshie (I told you that you had to be in second grade like he was).

Your friends right now are Zora, Jordan, Zach, Marcus and Cole.  You insist that you are marrying Zora, even though she told you that she had other people that wanted to marry her so she would think about it :)  But the two of you really are the best of friends - she waits for you to walk to school and the two of you always play together at recess.  It's been a hard year for her as you have started to really get into boy things and she wants to do girl things, but I have seen a lot of compromising and you two have learned so much from each other!

Oh Ry-Ry, I could go on and on - you are such a special little boy!  I love you with all of my heart and I hope you continue to be the sweet little boy that you are!

Happy Birthday little man!


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