Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Joshie!

Dear Joshie,
Seriously???  8 years-old already?  Where on earth did this past year go?  I cannot believe that you are are still 5 in my mind...

This past year has been awesome for you, no surprise there.  You had a wonderful year in 2nd grade - great teacher, good friends and I think you may have even learned something too :)  And you still don't care if the teacher and the kids call you "Joshie" (which most of them do).  Anytime I had the chance, you still wanted me to walk you to school, walk you into your classroom, have lunch with you and pick you up from school.

You played flag football both fall (where you were named MVP for your team) and spring (where you finally won the championship!), basketball and baseball.  Just yesterday you had assessments for tackle football.  TACKLE!!!  You can't be big enough for all of this yet, can you?  You have had an awesome baseball of the best on the team even though you are one of the littlest (if not the littlest).  And I absolutely love the feeling I get when I watch how surprised people are with how good you are when they weren't expecting it based on your size.  Everyone at baseball knows that if the ball comes anywhere near you, there's no worry, you will get it.  And you and Troy as pitcher-first base combo is unbeatable!!

So far this summer has had you swimming like crazy with all of your friends at the pool, playing baseball (both with us and with Pappaw) and playing on your iPod.

You are still my easy-going kid (for the most part).  You make us laugh every single morning with your "songs" and your overall personality.  You get so many laughs from all of us that Ryan and Colton continuously copy everything that you do.  You still like to give me hugs and so far nothing I do embarrasses you.

The biggest thing for you this year was that you recently got glasses!  I felt so bad because you said that you couldn't see the time on the cable box from the couch and that you couldn't read the scores on the TV without being right up next to it, but you thought that was normal and never said anything to us :( So I took you in and sure enough you needed glasses.  You look so cute in your glasses!  The minute you put them on you said two things:  1.) "I can see!" and 2.) "Everything is in HD!!"  :)

Some funny things from you this year:
1.) "nugget biscuit nugget in a biscuit...."
2.) "farty-farty squawk-squawk"
3.) "butt chicken butt"
4.) "bump up tomatoes, I like the ocean, bring back your love to me"
5.) The butt many ways, all super funny.  The best is "golf butt smack"
6.) He went the whole school year without ever wearing pants.  That was his goal this year - good to know I have a kid that accomplishes his goals :)

Having you as my little boy is the most awesome thing in the world!  You are such a sweetie and I love waking up to you each morning! Thank you for being an awesome 8 year-old!!


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