Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day at the Beach...

Tuesday we went to the beach...all day! We ended up driving, even though it was only about 2 blocks away, but parking is so easy and it made it easier with all of our stuff. The beach was pretty much empty and the kids played in the sand all day. Ryan was great...he'd sit and watch everyone and then take a nap. John took him on a few walks down the beach to get him to sleep, so I got some good relaxing time in with the kids.

You are allowed to drive on the beach at Daytona Beach, but unfortunately we didn't see anyone doing that :(

By the end of the day we were beat...and sunburned! I felt horrible! We tried so hard to keep the kids protected, but both Kylie and Josh had some burn. Thankfully Ryan did not. So that night we slathered on the aloe :)


Sherry said...

So hope the sunburns have turned inot tans and no one suffered from them.
The pictures, well wow, they look so relaxing and peaceful. The kids all look so happy and relaxed. Ahhhhhhhh nothing like a great day at the beach, right?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Daytona Beach! Use to go every year for two weeks. Sadly, I haven't been in over 3. Hoping next year.

Love the picures. The kids look so happy.