Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Crazy Night!

OK, so I don't have my Thanksgiving pictures yet, so maybe tomorrow?

Last night after work I picked my dad up from the airport (he and my mom were in Vegas...lucky dogs). I dropped him off at home and headed out to grocery shop (which I despise, but thankfully I was able to take my time and not forget things since I was by myself). As I was checking out my dad called and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner. This is very strange because he HATES going out to eat. So I loaded up my car and headed down to Olive Garden (one of the few places he likes).

We had a great dinner. I don't know if I've ever had dinner with just my dad. Afterwards we said good-bye because he was heading home. I waited until he got going and then took off. At the light we started to go our separate ways and then I saw that he had gotten out of his truck and the lights were off. His truck had died. Thankfully it started up again and we headed to the auto store. He was OK as long as he didn't stop! At the auto store they gave him a new battery and that fixed the problem, thank goodness!

He headed home and I headed to my house to put groceries away. By now it was 9:30, and John and the kids came home and after saying "hello" they got ready for bed. Little Ryan and I hung out for a short time before I needed to get to bed.

John wasn't feeling well so I took Ryan up to bed with me hoping that he would lay with me in bed and eventually fall asleep. I laid him in his bassinet with the vibrate on (he LOVES that) and got ready for bed. By the time I was ready he was fast asleep! He went to sleep on his own! I hope we can make a habit of that! He made me even happier by sleeping all the way until the time I needed to get up, so I got another straight 6 1/2 hours of sleep!

I'm jealous because John's home with the kids right now...I hope tonight is not too crazy and I'm able to spend some time with them!


Shari Schmidt said...

If you believe in fate, then you were supposed to be with your Dad to help him with his truck. Sometimes things just work out.

Sherry said...

Wow lucky for your dad you waited huh? Glad it was just the battery and nothing more pricey!!!
Oh Ryan knew you were tired so he was a good lil boy and slept yahoo.
See your children are so wonderful.